The Queen! Kuli called a bad actress

 The Queen! Kuli called a bad actress

Veteran entertainer Sello Maake Ka Ncube left entertainer Khuli Roberts somewhere down in her emotions with his remarks about her following up on The Queen.

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In a meeting with TshisaLIVE, Khuli opened up about depicting character Mildred on the well known Mzansi Magic telenovela, she additionally talked about the analysis she got from general society.

While Khuli had expected watchers would have a comment about her exhibition she was never prepared for the previous The Queen entertainer’s remarks about her acting.

“I’ve had a ton of positive input yet Sello Maake-Ncube called up and stated, ‘Hayi … you are making an awful showing, you’re solid and you ought to have come to me for ace classes …'” Sello told Kuli.

The entertainer got wind of Kuli uncovering his private remarks and it’s protected to state he was found napping that she had told on him.

In a now-erased tweet, Sello stated “Easygoing murmur that got transformed into a public imprudent murmur. Sello Maake-Ncube disclosed to Kuli Roberts her acting is ‘excessively hardened’.”

While Sello’s remark, unmistakably left Kuli upset a few watchers really wanted to concur with his words.

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