Poor Connie reveals 2021 is not going well at all for her

Poor Connie reveals 2021 is not going well at all for her

Entertainer Connie Ferguson disapproves of the way that she needs to return to her old eating regimen. This after she needs to clear a path back home after her Dubai excursion.

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Connie is known for being a wellness rabbit so her excursion back home will bring about her preparing to go to the exercise center.

In a video posted by Connie Ferguson on her Instagram stories, she uncovered that she was at that point not alright about returning to her old eating regimen.

In the video, her significant other Shona Ferguson, is seen opening their supper packs which were set up by InShape Nutrition and Accessories and Connie uncovers that she had a mellow fit of anxiety when they conveyed the dinners.

The video was recorded by her significant other Shona who says “Would you say you are giving me a demeanor, Why? You don’t need me to record you? Connie reacts by saying “yes.” The entertainer at that point returns to where they were situated while Shona is indicating us their suppers. Shona is heard saying “Please mother Are you not alright? Connie states “I am not OK.”

Their suppers were loaded up with nourishment with Connie’s feast having mince with veggies and Shona’s had meat and yams. Shona was apparently concealing her supper.

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