Peep Connie’s Expensive Car!

 Peep Connie’s Expensive Car!

Connie Ferguson”s mean machine has in a roundabout way made it’s introduction via online media and we’re in reality here for it!

At the point when Shona Ferguson recorded a pleasant video of his better half Connie, showing up grinding away, much to his dismay that, their adherents on Instagram would zero in on something absolutely irrelevant to the plan of the video – her great dark Bentley.

In the video, Connie can be seen taking out her two Louis Vuiton handbags from the boot and from that point continues to trade agreeable welcome with hubby dearest!

Nte4sinsidestroy: ”OMG that machine 🔥😍😱.”

AphidileTyeni: ”The car!!!😥.”

Ccnnie and Shona Ferguson are the minds behind their own TV and film creation organization, Ferguson films.

A year ago, Shona took to Instagram and shared a snap of their huge house and vehicles! Wow unmistakably the Fergusons are making huge loads of guap’


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