The Fergusons’ Dubai Take Over

The Fergusons’ Dubai Take Over

The Fergusons are living in the lap of extravagance right now in Dubai and we can’t do a lot however watch in jealousy. The vast majority of the Zalebs are in Holiday mode and sharing a few minutes from their extravagant excursions through online media.

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Its an obvious fact that this year was another significant accomplishment for the force couple and news head honchos Shona and Connie Ferguson as their creations progressed admirably. The couple likewise had a decent amount of difficulties in the business as they confronted charges of misuse, terminating entertainers, and reusing entertainers, thus a get-away is totally required as a type of idealism away from all the show.

Taking to Instagram, Connie shared snaps from their Dubai vacay and they are unmistakably having the best a great time. The Fergusons are assuming control over Dubai with their girls Lesedi and Alicia. Lesedi took to her Instagram page and posted a snap of her wearing a morning outfit and her area uncovered that she is in Dubai.

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