Marriage! Lasizwe Reveals He Is Still A Virgin

Marriage! Lasizwe Reveals He Is Still A Virgin

Lasizwe is in every case brimming with shocks. In the wake of prodding his fans about another relationship in the course of the most recent couple of weeks, it shows up the Youtuber is as yet a virgin. Indeed, that is as per his most recent tweet which uncovered that he is as yet saving himself for marriage.

On an alternate subject, this year genuinely has a place with Dambuza and most of us are only here to observe his supervisor moves. The online media star has been coming out on top consistently, indeed, that is the manner by which he moves, homeboy is about that “one more day, another kill” life.

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The ostentatious media character as of late praised another significant achievement in his vocation, subsequent to joining the 1,000,000 Twitter crew. Taking to Twitter the previous evening, Lasizwe guaranteed his fans a festival today. Toward the beginning of today he posted a tweet commending his 1,000,000 devotees.

Lasizwe as of late arrived at 1 million Instagram supporters and praised the significant move in style. Despite the fact that it finished with tweeps revealing his asserted bae, he chose to mize questions he was tormented with.

Lasizwe posted a video on Instagram which had numerous individuals talking. In the video, he was seen getting comfortable with a man suspected to be The River’s Wiseman Zitha. The TV star subtitled the video with, “Come Celebrate 1 Million Followers with us. You’re extraordinary to me.’ Social media criminologists dove profound into Wiseman’s profile and inferred that it was him because of his comparable highlights to the yummy man on Lasizwe’s video.

Its an obvious fact that Lasizwe has been unquestionably experiencing his precursor’s most out of this world fantasy in any event, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The TV star as of late granted himself for his diligent effort, with a pristine white BMW convertible. Spouting about it via web-based media, he posted a few Instagram stories to flaunt his new ride and it looks sizzling.

It appears to be this year he likewise bought another lodging as he is presently living in a major manor, in Johannesburg. In spite of the fact that he is at present appreciating the his rewards for all the hard work he has had his very own decent amount battles, even intellectually. Lasizwe as of late begged the majority to petition God for him after he said the acclaim beast was assuming responsibility for him.

“I’ve lost my actual real self! I have gotten phony and plastic! The acclaim beast has taken a few to get back some composure of me! What you can accomplish for me is to petition God for me! Sincerely please petition God for me! It would truly help,” he composed.

Lasizwe said he would erase all his online media applications to begin a fresh start, yet luckily enough he didn’t, “All things considered with quick impact I am erasing all my web-based media applications and starting an excursion of self-revelation.”

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