Peek Into couple Khuli And Lamiez’s Home

Peek Into couple Khuli And Lamiez’s Home

Khuli Chana and his better half DJ Lamiez Holworthy are more grounded than at any other time having praised their first wedding commemoration as of late.

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We likewise love the way striking and proud Khuli Chana is with regards to flaunting his family.

It creates the impression that a few fans actually think Khuli Chana is with his ex and child mother Asanda Maku and some even case he was hitched to her. Lamiez has sadly been at the recieving end of some unpalatable remarks via online media from such characters that she even took a sever Twitter.

Yet, Lamiez isn’t covering up any longer as she as of late took to Twitter and Instagram to flaunt some costly work of art that she and Khuli skilled to one another. In doing so she additionally exhibited a few pieces of their lovely Pretoria East home.

Furthermore, we realize she worked admirably with the house on the grounds that even DJ Zinhle who is a home and stylistic layout devotee with her own furniture store supplemented Lamiez by essentially saying, “Lovely home.”

Khuli Chana skilled Lamiez with a representation of herself half a month back in festival of their first wedding commemoration. Lamiez experessed her fervor on Instagram and stated, “Envision having your #portrait hanging in the exhibition of one of your #1 #artist 😍

Dear @brianrolfeart I can’t stand by to hang this up in our home.

@khulichana01 thank you sooooo much for this Wame. This is the best wedding commemoration blessing. 😭”

The artwork is by contemporary neighborhood craftsman Brian Roefle and as per his site his most costly composition is named “Racing To fly” and has just sold out for a cool R137 000.

Khuli and Lamiez are no aliens to getting each other costly endowments and they regularly display their affection for creator garments going from Gucci shoes to Louis Vuitton totes. Furthermore, we don’t accuse them since they have similarly fruitful vocations with underwriting manages Jeep clothing (Khuli) and Diesel denim (Lamiez) to give some examples.

In any case, we love the way that the Morules have uncovered their helpful side also on the grounds that Lamiez uncovered on Twitter that they are dealing with an uncommon undertaking.

“Out of all that God and my precursors have made possible,the most noteworthy is that I received a halfway house with zero subsidizing or sponsorship and my significant other I are building them an appropriate home.

Development begins in the following not many weeks,” said Lamiez.

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