Stogie T Still Living At His Mum’s House?

Stogie T Still Living At His Mum’s House?

Kwesta’s previous questionable chief Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi has gone after notorious rapper Stogie T. Nota, as individuals allude him by, has gotten down on Tumi Molekane, who currently needs to be called Stogie, saying he isn’t as rich as he says he may be.

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Nota has censured Stogie’s wealth asserting that he actually lives with his mom since he is down and out and can’t bear the cost of his home. In a warmed Instagram Live Nota, as certain individuals stated, was impolite towards Stogie T saying he didn’t make it as a result of his music, yet rather with the assistance of his mom.

He pressed his catches by saying he isn’t some cultivated craftsman and that he is a “cheat.”

“He (Stogie) remains at his momma’s crib…he’s actually living under his mom’s shadow you know. I’m not referencing your mom in any ill bred light, I am discussing you really being the place where you are a direct result of your mother and not due to your raps. You didn’t rap your approach to France, you didn’t rap your approach to Switzerland.”

Nota took it far by saying Stogie’s mum made it appear as though he is a cultivated craftsman and rapper however he isn’t. He added that Stogie and his rap vocation didn’t take him anyplace in life saying he isn’t as effective as he causes it to appear, diminishing his profession to being a pastime.

“It’s not on the grounds that your music is moving and shaking the world, you go to those spots they know nothing about your music. You not Lucky Dube or something, (and) you not some cultivated craftsman, you are only a man that can rap…Stogie is an interest rapper!”

He further requested that individuals name one hit from Stogie guaranteeing that he doesn’t have any, overlooking the way that Stogie made ‘Using any and all means including Emtee. He finished up his live by saying Stogie is a fake.

“You know there’s entertaining things that Stogie T has stated, as I said anything awful regarding his mother. He was glancing pleasant in his melodies so he can be gloat and have swagg and goes on the record of his mom’s MK status. I am not battling him, he is only a cheat,” said Nota.

Nota has gone after numerous SA rappers including Nasty C, Cassper Nyovest and numerous others. Cass applauded back at Nota by saying he is a misrepresentation in the wake of considering Cassper’s new collection a fiasco and he that he anticipated better from the rapper.

“This is most likely the most exceedingly terrible of the 5… At any rate we had Remote Control, we had Baby Girl, we had Malume and an entire exemplary collection with Tsholofelo… As a fan I’m more disillusioned that this is the most exceedingly terrible collection from the Pantsula. That is only my virus take. I wish it wasn’t so!

“You know you’re a wack rapper when you diss Scoop, a person who doesn’t rap and can’t safeguard himself with a reply…Cassper and Nasty C’s tracklist should simply be “a rundown of American rappers I attempted to imitate…”said Nota.

Stogie has not reacted to the shade.

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