Zizo Tshwete continues shinning her glow

Zizo Tshwete continues shinning her glow

Zizo Tshwete is a previous Miss Teen who developed to be a praised TV moderator in the nation.

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In 2006, Zizo won the Miss Teen inquiry in the nation and during a meeting with Tshisalive, Zizo was asked, “As a supreme Queen around then did you need to manage a portion of the young issues? on the off chance that truly, it would be ideal if you educate us concerning them and how could you manage them?”

“It’s insufficient space to address them everything except basically each champion was as associated with a specific issue so a lot or as meager as they needed to be. only a couple of what I managed was simply the issue of adolescent pregnancy, certainty among teenagers, profession direction, subject decisions in school, sedates, the significance of casting a ballot, worked with youngsters in prisons and so on The majority of the assets came as workshops and inspirational talks”

She is most popular for being the moderator on the SABC1 show Selimathunzi. Zizo for the most part recognizes herself as a South African model, radio moderator, and a TV character.

Here’s Zizo Tshwete’s history.

Zizo Tshwete Age

Zizo was brought into the world was on the twelfth of December in 1988. She is 32-years of age.

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Zizo Tshwete Early Life

In the event that there are individuals that Zizo admires, it certainly would be her folks. It’s somewhat evident that she got all her great characteristics from her folks.

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The mother of one took to Instagram to give fans access on somewhat mystery: she respects her mom’s heart. To praise her mother’s birthday, the previous Selimathunzi moderator divided a charming and uncommon minutes among her folks.

“after 34 years these two are each other’s closest companions! God knows my petitions for you both. I love you until the end of time!”

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This was not the first run through the excellence ha indicated love to her folks on IG. On Father’s Day in 2018, the Umhlobo Wenene have sent her father an ardent message.

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Zizo Tshwete Education

Zizo began her conventional training in East London at Komga Junior for her essential schooling.

She assisted her examinations at the Clarendon Girls High School.

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While at Clarendon, Zizo took an interest in various extramural exercises, for example, tennis, netball, discussing and drawing.

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Zizo Tshwete Marriage

Zizo met Mayihlome Tshwete in Durban during the birthday festivity of Malusi Gigaba.

They were both there for various reasons as Mayihlome Tshwete was essential for the getting sorted out advisory group while Zizo was there to cover the occasion for Selimathunzi.

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As indicated by Zizo, their first experience left her uncertain and she was distrustful about his expectations after he moved toward her. At the hour of their gathering, Zizo was just centered around developing her vocation and dating was not in sight.

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She at first put on a show, however the two began as companions and one thing prompted another and soon they began dating.

They got married on the eleventh of December in 2015 at the Gonubie Manor setting in East London.

Zizo and Mayihlome at that point invited their child kid in 2016 and named him Vukile Tshwete.

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Zizo has conceded that she is getting a charge out of parenthood as she brings up her child in spite of the fact that she shared that nurturing is certifiably not a stroll in a recreation center. Zizo likewise shared what an astounding spouse, Mayihlome is.

“My better half is the best person on the planet for me, we met one another, went out on the town in a real sense the following day and we’ve been together from that point forward for a very long time. It was only one of those associations that were immediate I can’t clarify it.” Zizo said in a past meeting with Rorisang on Touch Central

Zizo Tshwete Divorce Rumors

In 2018, it was reputed that Zizo and Mayihlome’s marriage was disintegrating. They were hitched for a very long time before the separation gossipy tidbits.

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It was affirmed that Mayihlome had moved out of their wedding home.

Bits of gossip even flowed after Zizo spent her Christmas in Johannesburg while her better half was in Cape Town for the occasion. The couple was likewise supposed to be living independently.

Zizo Tshwete Body Trauma

Media character Zizo Tshwete has made some amazing progress in her own life venture yet she is as yet standing tall.

Zizo took to Instagram to post an image that flaunted her exquisite figure and in her extensive inscription shared her horrendous experience that she experienced.

“No one has the right to have their guiltlessness detracted from them. Regardless. My body has conveyed that injury for such countless years. I was unable to deal with the torment as a long term young lady I dropped, [sic]” shared Zizo.

In her passionate post, Zizo insights concerning how she never thought about the experience until ” as a profoundly broken grown-up who urgently expected to mend”.

In spite of the fact that Zizo didn’t unveil what happened precisely, the moderator appears to have moved past her feelings of trepidation and is commending the lady she has become.

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Zizo Tshwete Career

Zizo Tshwete was pushed into the spotlight when she won the Miss South Africa youngster crown in 2004 and from that point forward, she has gotten one of the most focused ladies in media outlets.

During her meeting with Tshisalive, they asked her, “How could you get into television?”


“Yo-television covered many of this activities I was associated with over time of my rule and after a year I got a call from the makers with the proposal to be one of their moderators, and that was the initial phase in my TV vocation.”

Zizo got the occasion to have various shows and she generally nailed her work. She began of as a moderator on Selimathunzi and she likewise turned into the host of the Afternoon Express, a television show that broadcasted on SABC 3.

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She was additionally the host of the Lotto Live show consistently. Zizo Tshwete joined the Masigoduke group not long after her exit on SABC 1’s notable show, Selimathunzi. This move generated a couple of blended responses from her armies of fans the same number of couldn’t ever have anticipated that she would fiddle with radio.

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In 2019 the hatchet fell on one of South Africa’s quite cherished media character’s neck Zizo Tshwete. As indicated by Sunday World, the people pulling the strings purportedly chose not to restore the previous Selimathunzi moderator’s agreement with Umhlobo Wenene.

Yet, Zizo is one of those fortunate performers who have strong side hustles. In the event that she isn’t doing something amazing for radio, she kills those voice over gigs with that imposing voice of hers.

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Zizo Tshwete Philanthropy

2017, saw the ascent of the #yellowpacketchallenge and some ZAlebs didn’t avoid participating.

Zizo has additionally indicated that you need not trust that Mandela Day will show some kindnessto the following persson. Alongside Bokang M Tshabalala and Khanya Mkangisa, the women returned an opportunity to provide for the network incredibly.

Zizo did her touch and topped off some trollies with goods and went out to society to give up some food supplies to the individuals who required it the most.

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Zizo Tshwete Advice

Zizo Tshwete took to Instagram to offer some spontaneous guidance to her supporters. She shared how she gains from her missteps and draws exercises by featuring focuses that need improvement in her life.

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“There are sure things that are not in our control, but rather the one thing I’ve discovered supportive is seeing what has passed, surveying what I could’ve done and needed to do another way and fundamentally utilizing that as an exercise for my way going ahead,” she said.

The radio moderator shared her background and how she distinguishes antagonism in her life.

“In the event that you

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