Jub Jub and his Uyajoa 99 bodyguards are back with a bang

Jub Jub and his Uyajoa 99 bodyguards are back with a bang

The #DuduzaneChallenge has overwhelmed Mzansi and Jub additionally concluded that he partakes in it. He was joined by his buff Uyajolla 99 guardians. Look at the video underneath.

Mzansi’s #1 show is back underway and prepared to shake things up. The show that leaves miscreants trembling in fear has just begun recording in Mafikeng and according to normal the dramatization consistently follows.

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The last scene of Moja Love’s Uyajola 9/9 finished significantly when the host Jub was driven into a pool by a furious con artist, as he attempted to mediate after the con artist’s better half began getting physical.

Con artists have consistently needed fight back, so when Jub imparted an image of his vehicle to obvious projectile openings, his fans associated it very well may be unified with the numerous miscreants who have had enough of him. His devotion however consistently gets extolled taking a gander at the outrageous lengths he goes to, to get reality out.

While Uyajola was on a break, You Promised To Marry took over with Jub showing up in a couple of scenes. Humorist Moshe Ndiki has anyway made sure about the significant pack of facilitating the show, giving Jub enough time to burn to shoot Uyajola.

After his heavenly occupation at facilitating the show, watchers need Moshe to keep giving them unlimited laughs each Sunday night.

As much as Mzansi appreciates viewing the show on the American side project of Cheaters, many have scrutinized it’s credibility. A few scenes do look arranged by watchers and Blondie, who was the side chick, uncovered that their doubts are valid.

Blondie, whose genuine name Nontuthuko Gumede uncovered that Uyajola 9/9 paid her R1000 to be a side chick. Blondie says she was deceived into deduction it was all a demonstration. Amazingly, when the scene was indicated she was rankled at the way that it was happened to be something of a reality.

She professes to have been drawn closer by the makers who even mentioned to her what to state in exactly the same words and was then hushed with a R1000. Moreover, she was told to de-actuate her Facebook account so her companions couldn’t get it together of her.

Rejecting that she was dating the man blamed for cheating, she additionally claims the couple that was ‘quarreling’ on the show are really in acceptable terms and she knows them by and by.

Uncovering more about the show, Gumede said the group individuals and Jub complimented her for the real presentation, adding that they also were flabbergasted at how genuine it looked.

In the wake of uncovering this, many trusted her yet kept watching it since, well it is engaging!


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