Somgaga is not a fan of Imali Eningi

Somgaga is not a fan of Imali Eningi

Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung isn’t an aficionado of Big Zulu’s hit tune Imali Eningi and he freely announced that at the debut KwaZulu-Natal Entertainment Awards which occurred December 15. Reacting to the unpretentious shade, Big Zulu disclosed to Daily Sun that despite the fact that he doesn’t disapprove of Somgaga he needs to address the issue with him face to face.

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The nation is at present cherishing Imali Eningi and it is additionally a force to be reckoned with during the current year’s Song Of The Year on the well known radio broadcast Ukhozi FM’s December 31st commencement. Performer Somizi Mhlongo isn’t a fanatic of the melody and he had the guts to state so on a public stage. He said he doesn’t identify with the tune the slightest bit as much as the remainder of the nation does, in this way he can’t partake in the viral Duduzane Challenge.

During the honors service which he was facilitating, Somgaga said he as of now has a great deal of cash and needn’t bother with additional, which is the reason the tune isn’t good for rich individuals like him. The title ‘Imali Eningi’ is nguni for ‘More Money’ which the verses talk about needing more cash so an individual can carry on with the costly way of life they need.

Being the rich individual that he is, Somgaga stated, “The melody is separating us who have cash and the individuals who don’t have cash and need to have it. The melody doesn’t relate with me at all and I feel abandoned on the grounds that I additionally prefer to be essential for Duduzane Zuma’s celebrated walk challenge. I challenge Mzansi specialists to compose the melody that obliges we all and not isolated us with our monetary status. I challenge Big Zulu, Sjava and others to compose the tune that will oblige us all.”

Huge Zulu disclosed to Daily Sun that he is unflinching by the shade yet needs to go up against Somgaga by and by. “What Somizi said was his assessment and I won’t engage him. I won’t discuss somebody when they are absent as he did. I need to defy him and mention to him my opinion on his analysis. I don’t object to him and I will address him when we meet,” he told the distribution.

We surmise this is actually the thing DJ Sbu was discussing when he protected Big Zulu from envious famous people. DJ Sbu got down on numerous famous people who are desirous of Big Zulu’s prosperity since they didn’t try to participate in the viral test began by Duduzane Zuma.

On account of the test, the melody and music video’s perspectives soar to a great 1.1 million perspectives in only multi week, yet it at present has more than 3 million perspectives. It is additionally right now the greatest tune in the nation sitting serenely at the number 1 spot in various neighborhood outlines.

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