New love looks good on Cindy

New love looks good on Cindy

Bits of gossip have been twirling around for a very long time that soccer star Bongani Zungu, and celebrity Cindy Mahlangu are another couple in ZAlebville. This follows several Instagram accounts of them looking a wide range of comfortable and coquettish messages, which have since gotten people talking.

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Yet, it is discernible since the pair is head over heels in affection and they can’t shroud it. In a most recent video the couple is seen looking stricken as the Bafana star is getting Cindy’s neck to kiss her in the chick .

Bongani is heard saying ” The manner in which you are so wonderful, I want to choke you and Cindy reacts by saying “Darling.”

Congrats to the couple.

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