Amanda du Pont is a married woman now

Amanda du Pont is a married woman now

Amanda Du-Pont is in agony over her grandmother’s passing on Sunday.

Describing their relationship she says that her grandma was her favourite person and her death has left her in pain.

The actress penned a sweet message on Instagram wishing her granny a peaceful rest. She revealed how her granny planned on passing after witnessing Amanda’s wedding. In her message she revealed that she is married.

Along with images of her and her grandmother she wrote; “I lost my gogo last night if you know me well you’d know she was my fav. Everything in my body is aching and so painful But I’m happy you are resting and no longer in pain.

“She promised to wait until I was married before she passed. Over the last couple of years she would hint that she was getting tired. I’m married granny and I’m ok, hope you are too. Maye ngitakukhumbula! Rest in Perfect Peace,” she wrote.
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