Surprises! Lizzo  buys a new car to her mom for Christmas

Surprises! Lizzo  buys a new car to her mom for Christmas

Lizzo astounded her mum by getting her another vehicle for Christmas. The 32-year-old pop star’s mom Shari Johnson-Jefferson sobbed tears of satisfaction when she was given her new Audi, and Lizzo is resolved to ruin her mum subsequent to recollecting when her dad passed and she had no cash or work and wished she could accommodate her family.


She composed on Instagram: “Got my mom a spic and span Audi for Xmas. I cried in my vehicle when my daddy passed, no occupation no cash no place to live, wishing I would one be able to day accommodate my family. I was unable to do it for my father so ima ensure I ruin Mama. Merry Christmas you all. (sic)

In the clasp, Shari was driven outside with her eyes shut and afterward advised to open them when she was before the vehicle.

She at that point burst into tears and expressed gratitude toward her little girl with a warm grasp.

A stunned Shari stated: “You see these things on TV, and you never figure it will happen to yourself.”

In January, Lizzo talked about her father’s passing, at which time she was an understudy at college, and exited before long.

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