Moozlie taking shots at Boity

Moozlie taking shots at Boity

Nomuzi Mabhena AKA Moozlie has been moving for two days in a row now and it’s all gratitude to the show that unfurled among her and entertainer Samkelo Ndlovu. Moozlie just dropped her collection Spirit Of An OG and furthermore dropped the visuals of her tune Lalala. You’d think the great sister is moving a direct result of her music right? Wrong, Moozlie is moving on the grounds that she went after individual rapper Boity Thulo.

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The course of events is a wreck at this moment and for some, the dramatization before a craftsman’s enormous delivery can work in support of themselves. Shockingly thus, it is working in support of Moozlie in light of the fact that individuals are anxious to discover who did she toss conceal as of now around.

The New Age Ma Brrr, as she calls herself, took significant punches at Boity Thulo, who additionally dropped her EP 4436 a couple of days prior. Moozlie dissed Boity in one of her tracks named Fourways Freestyle which highlights rapper Reason, who by the way co-created Boity’s EP. Riotous!

In one of her sections, Moozlie says she is just companions with female rappers who compose their own material, “you all might be hot, yet kid you realize that yo sh*t ain’t great. You know I’m companions with everybody that thinks of her refrains. Yourself included.”

In another screen capture shared via online media, Moozlie evidently takes it excessively far by referencing Boity’s administrator Bash Vision. Youthful MaBrrr says Boity just got her first platinum plaque in light of Nasty C for their cooperation Wuz Dat. It has been said that Nasty composed Boity’s refrain anyway that has never been tended to by Boity.

“Frightful gave her a plaque and now you talking smack. Please Bash, we know each other better than that.” If you take a tune in to the track, you will see that that line isn’t in the tune, which makes the suspicion that the screen capture was cooked.

Many are bewildered by the dauntlessness in light of the fact that right off the bat its a well known fact that Boity has a professional writer and she has never denied it, besides, Moozlie herself had authors when she began in the game. It was guessed that her ex Kid X, K.O and others used to help her recorded as a hard copy her verses.

Recently, the timetable was a wreck once more, on the grounds that Samkelo Ndlovu took an entire hour to drag Nomuzi for tossing a beverage at her. She called Nomuzi out, blaming her for desire and being a quitter. The entertainer said she was performing at Altitude Beach the previous evening and she chose to proceed to welcome Sphe and Naves when Nomuzi gave her a smelled face, refering to that she is desirous of her music.

“Today I was not having it, I was not going to stay there and have her smelled face me when I just fell off stage and individuals cherished my tune and have this b*tch ruin my evening, so I asked her for what valid reason would you say you are seeing me like this? what’s more, think about what occurred, she had 5 individuals encompassing her and they were attempting to prevent her from wilding out,” she said in a live video on IG.

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