Lasizwe’s mystery bae has been solved

Lasizwe’s mystery bae has been solved

In an intriguing unforeseen development, it appears to be like the tremendous secret encompassing Lasizwe’s secret bae has been addressed. Well not completely, perceiving how the bae is as yet left well enough alone. Anyway his reputed bae Wiseman Zitha is unquestionably not the one since he has gotten married!

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The River entertainer crushed gay gossipy tidbits when he shared pictures of what resembles wedding photographs of he and his bae Didintle K Mollo. The lovely second was caught by wedding picture taker and videographer Unathi Mbonambi.

Despite the fact that many are as yet not persuaded by the way that Wiseman has gotten married to a lady, perceiving the number of individuals had expected that he is gay, the photos do look encouraging. Would it be able to be a magazine photoshoot? Speculation the way that they call each other utilizing pet names, for example, ‘infant’ and ‘spouse’ just as ‘wife’ may take care of business.

Didintle’s subtitle to the post peruses, “Love is all…Husby,” while Wiseman’s inscription peruses, ” Love Is Beautiful.”

The two had recently posted pictures of them together in their clothing, so we can preclude the suspicion that they are two models who were posturing for a photoshoot.


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Half a month back, we had hypothesized that Wiseman and Lasizwe were a thing since when Lasizwe Dambuza posted a silly image of him and his new bae with his face covered up, unbeknownst to him web-based media would have the option to examine and uncover his personality.

As indicated by iHarare, the two have been spotted together a few times. Fans recognized both of them kissing at a club. Wiseman even posted a video of both of them at Altitude sea shore.

Another giveaway was the way that Wiseman remarked under Lasizwe’s post of both of them together wrestling in bed with heart emoticons, “Second forever.”

The expression was taken from American rapper Nicki Minaj’s Moment For Life highlighting Drake, and Lasizwe polished off the verse by adding, “And at this time I simply feel so invigorated,” combined with a heart emoticon.

Lasizwe’s endeavors to spill us never go unnoticed as Mzansi’s infant kid has been found in Cape Town with a specific hairy man painting the city red. Lasizwe who arrived in Cape Town as of late was carrying on with his best life feasting, shopping, touring and clasping hands with a secret man. Lasizwe’s genuine man allegedly lives in Cape Town and Lasizwe flew off to the Mother City to invest some energy with him.

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