Somizi was defending Vusi Nova!

Somizi was defending Vusi Nova!

TV moderator Somizi Mhlongo needed to indeed protect his kissing amigo Vusi Nova, after a tweep scrutinized his sexuality!

Understand More: Somizi Defends Vusi Nova From Homophobic Trolls

This comes after Somizi posted an image of them making the most of their delicate life at the Houghton Luxury Apartments. The besties were stretching out beyond the arrival of their single Ntandane, which is devoted to Somizi’s late mother. The single dropped at 12 PM.

A Twitter client remarked on the post and asked which group is Vusi Nova playing for? Somizi applauded back at the tweep and said “I was going to respond to that if the appropriate response was going to improve yo tekateking (unequal) bank balance.

Savages from there on posted old snaps of Somizi where he was looking fragile pummeling him that he has failed to remember that he was once penniless. Some contended that he experienced his own medication for ridiculing the tweep.

Somizi has since come out to deliver his reaction to the tweep saying individuals should take it since he is tired of Twitter menaces who misuse celebs on the grounds that they feel entitled about supporting their professions. Somizi said he would prefer to pass on poor than to be upheld by a fan who will mishandle his energy.

This isn’t the first run through Somizi needed to applaud back at savages scrutinizing the Naninina hitmaker’s sexuality. Somizi as of late safeguarded him after a Twitter client said Vusi was difficult and should come out. The unscripted TV drama star tended to homophobia by asking savages what’s their fixation on others’ sexuality.

This trails he posted a progression of pictures with Vusi and savages overwhelmed the post with homophobic tweets. Somizi found out about their remarks and shuu, he let his fingers do the talking for him.

“angilwi ngiyabuza (I’m not battling, I’m asking)..what’s the fixation on others’ sexuality…its as though the appropriate responses will improve a specific part of your life….or as though it improves one feel about themselves in the event that they out somebody else….trust me he is substance and I trust you are as well and make the most of your life,” he applauded back

Another tweep said something and said a few people discover the fortitude to expose the unadulterated truth when others do. Somgaga contested that and basically said individuals should be OK with themselves else they should simply manage their homophobia.

“…how numerous individuals should come out for individuals to be alright with themselves and for what reason should it take that for them to arrive at that point…do u think if more individuals of color possessed land and the world would mean prejudice will end …nope…I simply figure individuals should manage their homophobia,” he composed.

Vusi Nova’s sexuality has consistently been addressed by numerous individuals particularly because of his manly relationship with Somizi. The two are continually giving us looks at their fellowship objectives and when they do tweeps consistently have inquiries to pose.


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