Sonia Mbele’s Ex-Husband Made Her Quit Generations.He was jealous of her relationship with Menzi Ngubane

Sonia Mbele’s Ex-Husband Made Her Quit Generations.He was jealous of her relationship with Menzi Ngubane

Sonia Mbele's Ex-Husband Made Her Quit Generations.He was jealous of her relationship with Menzi Ngubane 1

Phat Joe’s Cheeky Palate handles a large number of cultural marks of shame and sticks into discussions that many, even his visitors, consistently attempt to dodge. Who better than Phat Joe, a man defaced with numerous debates, to work up these sort of discussions that regularly raise an eyebrow or two.

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His most recent visitors were Skeem Saam entertainer Cedric Fourie, Joe Kazadi, entertainer Sonia Mbele and clinician Buyisile Mncina. These visitors addressed the difficulties guardians face with regards to co-nurturing and single parenthood.

In the most recent scene of Cheeky Palate Sonia Mbele’s union with ex legal advisor Leslie Sedibe turned into the feature of the show and as consistently Phat Joe’s inquiries set off Sonia.

The board was discussing funds in bringing up kids and that subject turned into all in all too close to home for Sonia, as she was once blamed for wedding Leslie for his ‘millions.’

“Individuals have consistently said Sonia hitched for cash, I’m similar to where? That person procured a compensation. He went to work, would take his bag with him, returned home and afterward acquire his compensation toward the month’s end. He was never a BEE or tenderpreneur, we both procured a compensation.”

The theme got all in all too much for Sonia as she nearly separated, yet kept down her tears and kept venting. She said their marriage and separation was monstrous.

“Who am I hitched to? At the point when you awaken and afterward feel like ‘I love you today, yet then I scorn you tomorrow’ kind of think. It doesn’t bode well how it very well may be that revolting.

“Sometime in the past we didn’t represent years, and I am open to discussing this now, however some time ago I wasn’t. The explanation Ii am agreeable about this currently is on the grounds that my children are developed and mature enough to know, translate, asses and decide…what I am stating now will not, at this point be a stunner to them,” she opened up.

Talking about the quick and dirty of their marriage, Sonia uncovered that her ex Lelsie made her quit her place of employment on Generations as Ntombi in light of the fact that he was not happy with seeing her getting close with another man. Sonia played Ntombi on the past Generations from 2003 up until 2009. Her purpose behind stopping the show was on the grounds that her relationship with onscreen spouse Sibusiso Dlomo, played by Menzi Ngubane was excessively awkward for Leslie.

Sonia then uncovered that he began by limiting her from viewing the soapie to then requesting that her quit. His controlling ways were a lot for Sonia to deal with so she at that point had her mom to intercede to attempt to discover shared conviction.

Sonia and Leslie got married in 2006 subsequent to dating for a very long time. Their fantasy marriage became harsh and was barely surviving, till the couple who have three kids chose to bail in 2014 in the wake of being together for a very long time.