Sfiso Ncwane’s Kids Take Ayanda To Court! their award-winning father’s estate

Sfiso Ncwane’s Kids Take Ayanda To Court! their award-winning father’s estate

Late gospel vocalist Sfiso Ncwane’s two kids have indicted their stepmother Ayanda Ncwane in an offer to get a lot of their honor winning dad’s home.

Snqobile Mzelemu and Sduduzo Dlamini spoke to by Pinky Dlamini, Sduduzo’s mom have taken the issue to the Master of the High Court. They are asserting Sfiso’s widow Ayanda is “untrustworthy and needs everything for herself” and need her to be taken out as agent of the domain.

Snqobile who is currently more than 18 professes to have seen the late artists will and says she was left with nothing and that when her dad was alive he looked after her.

She revealed to Daily Sun that she no longer gets cash and needs a portion of the domain as she can’t uphold herself.

Pinky, Sduduzo’s mom is presently not working and can’t keep up Sfiso’s child that is the reason she needs a portion of the domain.

A source addressing the distribution stated, “For as far back as three years, Sfiso’s children have been attempting to connect with Ayanda, however she overlooks them. In 2018, they moved toward the Master of the High Court, to get what’s because of them.”They feel Ayanda needs to take everything for herself.”

Sfiso in his will left his resources for his significant other Ayanda. The will was endorsed on October 1, 2016, the vocalist passed on the very year on December 5.

The distribution additionally charges that there is theory about the legitimacy of the will and as per sources addressing the paper Ayanda has been blamed for sidelining Sfiso’s children resulting from wedlock.

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