Letoya Makhene! The couple is still on a high and they are wasting no time with their relationship goals

Letoya Makhene! The couple is still on a high and they are wasting no time with their relationship goals

Ages The Legacy star Letoya Makhene, is working diligently with arrangements for her conventional wedding with her accomplice Lebo Keswa.

Understand More: Letoya And Lebo Wasted No Time Before Making It Official

The entertainer took to Instagram to advise her fans that she was occupied with looking for her in-law’s covers. Normally, in the African culture, the two families need to trade blessings during a conventional wedding, and woah, you can envision how costly that could be, however makoti is prepared to ruin her parents in law with the best covers.

Letoya said she was given top notch of the relative multitude of blessings she is required to purchase and she said she needs to blessing them with the best twofold utilize and mink covers.

Letoya and her accomplice as of late made things official when Lebo got down on one knee and brought up marriage and paid lobola for her.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, 17 November 2020, Letoya shared pictures of herself taken from the customary lobola occasion that occurred as of late, and gave fans more knowledge into her relationship with Lebo. She clarified that in only multi week, they had proceeded onward from being locked in to being generally headed together forever. She expressed, “Here’s a great certainty! I was in a real sense just her life partner for seven days before her family came to offer their appreciation to my family.”

The lovebirds as of late got drawn in after a sentimental sight-seeing balloon ride. When they arrived there was a flag on the ground expressed “Will you wed me.”

In a video shared via online media by Lebohang she is seen bringing up marriage to Letoya who appears to be energized and says “Yes”. In a video taken by Daily Sun at their commitment party, Letoya expressed “We won’t state we don’t have our good and bad times since that is the thing that each relationship has however what I like is that our adoration overcomes all.”

“At the point when we began with this relationship, we got a great deal of analysis however we’ve figured out how to live with them,” she said.

Letoya tended to men who were hassling her on why she decided to be in with Lebo rather than men. In a tweet, she stated, “We should simply move this for the last time if you don’t mind and ideally I won’t be posed this inquiry once more. To all the ones who continue asking me for what valid reason her? What do I find in her? Nywe … here’s my answer … she’s extraordinary in bed,” talk about shielding your bae right?

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