Gold Series announces talented actress, Simphiwe Ngema would be representing the perfume brand as an ambassador?

Gold Series announces talented actress, Simphiwe Ngema would be representing the perfume brand as an ambassador?

Fam, would you be able to trust it’s been longer than a year since Gold Series, reported that skilled entertainer, songstress and entertainer Simphiwe Ngema (prevalently known as Simz) would speak to the scent brand as a diplomat?

To commend how far the scent brand and organization with Simz Ngema has come over the previous year, the peeps over at Gold Series are parting with two Luxury hampers. The hampers each incorporate four Gold Series Fragrances to the estimation of R200 PLUS a Superbalist voucher to the estimation of R1000!

In 2019, as a component of the aroma brand’s reach development, Gold Series Fragrances, which offers efficient scents for the advanced African lady, chosen the previous Muvhango entertainer to go about as brand diplomat. The point was to make a network around the items and help make fabricate associations and commitment with South African customers, and all signs highlight it being a resonating achievement.

Recalling the previous year, Simz makes reference to the declaration of the brand ambassadorship, shooting the TV plug, and performing with her artists at the Gold Series occasions as close to home features of her relationship with the brand.

The multi-skilled entertainer and vocalist’s term as envoy has been one of numerous achievements for her profession, with numerous individuals presently perceiving her in the road and halting her to make reference to their top pick out of the five aromas. “Gold arrangement has become a piece of me, wherever I go, individuals stop me and disclose to me that they are utilizing “my” aroma, it has become a major piece of me that I am focused on and it means everything to me. I am so pleased to be a piece of the Gold arrangement family,” she states.

Remarking on her desires for the following year of ambassadorship, the Jozi local who, alongside her bae, Tino Chinyani, as of late invited an infant kid, Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani, into the world remarks that realness and relatability are the two most significant qualities to her ambassadorship. “I am anticipating meeting more Gold Series fans. I’m anticipating acquiring positive change the lives of many. I am amped up for the possibilities of educating more individuals regarding the brand and its delightful items,” she adds.


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