Bontle Modiselle: She’s definitely a daddy’s girl!

Bontle Modiselle: She’s definitely a daddy’s girl!

Bontle Modiselle: She’s definitely a daddy’s girl! 1

South African media character, Bontle Modiselle, remembered her first Mother’s Day by sharing uncommon visuals of her infant young lady, Afrika. Both Bontle and her better half, rapper, Priddy Ugly, have hushed up about their infant since she was conceived, nonetheless, they have as of late been more open to sharing her via online media. Child Afrika is developing and she has as of late turned one and her folks arranged her a birthday celebration.

“She’s been A1 since the very beginning! We’re attempting to hustle a lift in that Range 🔥😂. We gave our darling a private Rubber ducky themed First Bday festivity. Fit for a sovereign. Such a treat! @nono_events put everything in order and did faaar more than what we sought after. Much obliged to you so much – you’re always astounding! ❤️”Bontle Modiselle: She’s definitely a daddy’s girl! 2

This isn’t the main time we haave seen her, another video indicated Bontle breastfeeding Afrika while she sang to her about tidying up their home. From that point, the new mother shared a funny clasp of her better half pursuing their canine, while Afrika snickered noisily. Sitting in her play seat, the five-month-old couldn’t get enough of her dad as he increased his jokes to make her snicker.

Bontle subtitled the post with, “It’s the most elevated honor to be a mother, to you Afrika. The best, all things considered. An extremely terrifying reason to satisfy, being trusted with a whole soul to support and guide. I’ll be and do ANYTHING and all you require me to be/do, for you Afrika.”

Bontle Modiselle: She’s definitely a daddy’s girl! 3

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