Video! Duduzane’s bestie endorses Duduzane and Thuli relationship

Video! Duduzane’s bestie endorses Duduzane and Thuli relationship

After Former Generations entertainer Thuli Phongolo and Duduzane Zuma professed to not have the foggiest idea about one another, Thuli proceeds to post two recordings of Duduzane on her IG stories. As though that doesn’t fuel the fire, Duduzane’s bestie Winston Innes took to his own Instagram and shared a video of Thuli slashing life in Dubai.

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For any individual who doesn’t have a clue, Duduzane currectly lives in Dubai and fans think they were together in Dubai.


The main inquiry is the place where does this leave Duduzane’s significant other? All things considered, he said he is available to polygamy.

The entertainer as of late said she doesn’t have a clue who Duduzane is. This is after a Twitter client blamed Duduzane for lying in his ongoing meeting with Mac-G where he likewise rejected that he and Thuli are not a thing.

The Twitter client said he might want to resemble Duduzane when he grows up so he can supposedly lie like him. Thuli found out about the tweet and chose to hit back by saying Duduzane reacted so what more individuals need.

Another Twitter client expressed “Honest and Powerful words from you always…Thuli is it actually thus, are you dating Duduzane…I am tired of this story doing the rounds….we truly don’t need anything to pass by demolishing your BRAND.” to which Thuli chose to settle the bits of gossip and said she doesn’t have any acquaintance with him.

Yet, presently it appears he knows him since she has even chosen to post him on her Instagram account.

Video Cred: OK Mzansi.

The two have been reputed to be a thing. This trails Thuli as of late went on a sizzling excursion in Dubai and posted a snap of her bae concealing his face and tweeps hypothesized that her sweetheart’s tattoo seems as though Duduzane’s tattoo, who has additionally moved to Dubai.

In an ongoing meeting with Podcaster Mac G, Duduzane chose to put any misinformation to rest when Mac-G found out if they are a thing with Thuli or not, at first, Duduzane said he didn’t have to respond to the inquiry as it is his business.

At that point he inquired as to whether Thuli had ever remarked on the issue. At the point when Mac G squeezed him for it, he clarified that he has never met Thuli not to mention date her.”Thuli is an excellent young lady, doing her thing, and l want her to enjoy all that life has to offer. I don’t have any acquaintance with her and l have never met her.”

Thuli as of late said she is even hesitant to post on her records since online media criminologists have been working diligently researching female superstars’ baes by recognizing their tattoos. This trails they discovered Mihlali’s and Kefilwe Mabote bae.

“Sesisaba nokuposta ke manje ngoba investigata nama-tattoo phela nina, iindaba zabantu nizazi ukundlula yezenu,” she composed, which means ” We are currently even hesitant to post since you all are researching tattoos since you all know others’ organizations more than yours.”

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