Is this Shimza’s new bae?

Is this Shimza’s new bae?

Is this Shimza's new bae? 1

Trust web-based media clients to utilize their insightful aptitudes to burrow some soil on numerous cryptic individuals. The most recent casualty was famous DJ and business person DJ Shimza. His adoration life has been something he has kept extremely hidden since his exceptionally open separation with media character K Naomi.

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An online media client uncovered who they think may be Shimza’s new bae, by coming to an obvious conclusion. They detected the foundation in one of Shimza’s image and saw that it is like Athi Geleba’s experience in one of her photos. What ‘parted with it’ was her subtitle which peruses, “I’m not about “very much done”, I’m tied in with assisting with ensuring that you do it…”

It’s quite evident that the two were out taking a stab at new shoes yet her inscription for some, suggested that they may very well be a couple.

Is this Shimza's new bae? 2

On the off chance that her web-based media bio were to be valid, the woman being referred to fills in as Head of Digital Communications in the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa.

Despite the fact that neither of them tended to any of the theories, Tweeps under the remarks area disliking his supposed new lady, naming her a minimization.

They even uncovered an image of Athi presenting close to a vehicle Shimza likewise presented close to.

Model K Naomi is the last known sweetheart Shimza was dating after their frightful separation, his affection life remained totally private.

Following their public separation and the obscure messages they coordinated at one another, exes K Naomi and DJ Shimza appear to have let bygones be bygones. They have been spotted at a few occasions and even grin for the cameras. Telling individuals that there isn’t any animosity between them.

At the point when the couple split in 2018, K Naomi posted in her Insta Story an image of herself and Shimza with the inscription: “A debt of gratitude is in order for breaking me”. She additionally stated: “I made you my reality and you didn’t get it. Presently it’s an issue that I’m carrying on with my own life, without you.”

In the not so distant future in February, Naomi concealed Shimza when his vehicle got taken when she tweeted: “God will humble you.”

At the point when Shimza supplanted his taken vehicle with another Mercedes Benz, he ‘reacted’ to the shade and said; “When I lost my past vehicle she tweeted “God will humble you” yesterday that tweet rang in my mind the entire day. God loves us all.”