DJ Maphorisa has come under fire when a teenage influencer alleged that he is dating her 19-year

DJ Maphorisa has come under fire when a teenage influencer alleged that he is dating her 19-year

DJ Maphorisa has experienced harsh criticism when a young influencer affirmed that he is dating her 19-year-old ex-companion. It was asserted before that the DJ likes them more youthful however nobody figured it very well may be a young person.

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An influencer by the name of Cyan Bouke blamed a previous companion who is likewise a brand influencer by the name of Beverly for supposedly laying down with numerous men. She likewise uncovered a screen capture of a discussion with her where she, Beverly, uncovers that she is dating Maphorisa.

Maphorisa has not reacted to these cases yet however the two youthful influencers have been busy via online media. Tweeps are not dazzled by Maphorisa’s activities and have called him to arrange.

This isn’t the first run through the Amapiano DJ has been up to speed in some untidy embarrassment. While everybody is attempting to sort out his ethical compass with regards to engaging ladies straight from secondary school, many uncovered his old shocking ways which proposes he prefers them youthful. A viral young lady who blows a whistle at clubs was spotted by Maphorisa and he remarked saying “she turns him on”, when Twitter investigators interceded they found that the young lady was purportedly between the ages of 17 to 19 years of age at that point.

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While many are discussing the ‘how youthful is excessively youthful’ factor by pulling up examination which proposes that the lawful age in the nation is 17 years of age, his fans are not intrigued at the way that he dates youngsters, scrutinizing his ethics.

Online media is partitioned with many hauling Zodwa Wabantu’s name in the blend saying that society has acknowledged Zodwa’s methods of dating more youthful men, however are putting Maphorisa on impact and considering him a sexual stalker.

Maphorisa said the whistle young lady, who resembled 17 at that point, turns him on. for what reason are you all astonished pls

— Gina (@cherryk0la) October 25, 2020

Phori’s name has been corrupted a couple of times previously and now and then it’s the phony records that cause this. Whichever way online media always remembers.

A lady who passes by the name of Zinhle ‘Phori’ Mdhuli went on a Facebook bluster trying to uncover Maphorisa who is clearly taking steps to release her nudes.

“Clearly the DJ Maphorisa I love and regard has indicated me who he truly is and he’s utilizing his control over me since he is a superstar. DJ Maphorisa requested my exposed pictures and guaranteed that he’ll date men and deal with me, since I love him I did it. I realize that was dumb of me yet now he’s spilling them,” the lady charges.

The ‘catfish’ needed to uncover superstars who use ladies like her for their own potential benefit just on the grounds that they are fans. She likewise guarantees that Phori mentioned her to send his driver some cash so he can get her to go to his place.

While many know that the record is a catfish, they are calling for him to fall as spilling nudes or retribution pornography in the nation is unlawful. Be that as it may, Phori ignored these cases in spite of tweeps ready to fight calling for him to be dropped.

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