Peek at his reaction! DJ Tira Blasts Fan Who Touched His Private Parts

Peek at his reaction! DJ Tira Blasts Fan Who Touched His Private Parts

DJ Tira has impacted a fan who contacted his private zone during a presentation. Makoya Bearings, as he is lovingly known as posted a video of a fan who snatched him by the groin and attempted to unfasten his jeans.

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The diverting video even incited a reaction from his better half Gugu Khathi whose reaction had individuals saying “we stan a Queen.” In the subtitle, Tira cautioned his fans, particularly the female fans and stated, “be cautious.”

His better half Gugu reacted by saying, “Lalela it’s December sengenza nomayini,” which means “Tune in, it’s December so that implies I can do anything I desire.”

His remarks area was loaded up with individuals who were in dismay at how female fans act when they are making the rounds.

This is the most recent occurrence of wrong conduct in front of an audience that occurred in ZAlebville. Simply a week ago, we announced about Makhadzi getting hauled for touching a male fan’s private zone in front of an audience. The entire demonstration was gotten on tape and individuals were not dazzled by any means.

Many went to her safeguard saying she generally does this consequently the pointless commotion. The way that a video was taken left her open to public analysis. While performing at an occasion her male crowd individuals can be seen wrestling to impart the stage to her, however one “fortunate” man got the experience of his life and the entire world had the opportunity to see it.

Makhadzi was performing probably the greatest hit and was hitting the dance floor with the male fan. She got excessively energized and played with the man’s groin. Web-based media went ballistic and addressed what might be the result had it been a male craftsman doing such to a female fan.

Well the out thunder isn’t equivalent to individuals rushed to snicker at Tira’s occurrence rather than hauling the one who “explicitly abused” him. The degree of Gender Based Violence in the nation doesn’t permit individuals to support such conduct.

Tira is known for being an unassuming individual particularly to his fans, which is the reason many were left confounded when polygamist Lucky gumbi put him on impact on his unscripted TV drama ‘The Gumbis’.

“I used to do gigs before I got hitched to Bayede, so I used to recruit any DJ, Christos, Ganyani… Those individuals they regard others. In the event that you think about Tira, even the manner in which he strolls, you can see that he is brimming with himself. I couldn’t care less about him. I don’t loathe him… I’d simply state he’s a haughty kid. With different DJs that I’ve worked with, we actually welcome one another.” Gumbi said on his show.


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