News that Boity and Maps are engaged

News that Boity and Maps are engaged

Disregard Sunday Twitter, 12 PM Twitter is the littiest!

Earlier today, we woke up to the news that Boity and Maps are locked in, the hashtag #BoityEngagedByMaps has been moving at number one throughout the morning.

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Dark Twitter has an inclination of making the most surprising hashtags or themes pattern when everybody is sleeping soundly. Since Boity and Maps have not said anything regarding a commitment, we’re expecting this is phony information. In any case, it would be wonderful if the two were to at last concede that they’re an ideal match.

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The two, who’ve gotten very close as of late have started bits of gossip that they’re seeing each other. Not long before the public lockdown started, Boity was one of the individuals who coordinated Maps’ unexpected 30th birthday celebration party. This sincere signal fuelled further bits of gossip that the two could be a thing, notwithstanding, they’ve both excused the gossipy tidbits, asserting that they are very dear companions.

Regardless of whether Boity and Maps see each other as dear companions, obviously the fans considers them to be considerably more than that.

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