Basetsana Kumalo loves her parenting. She skills Gives Praise To Connie

Basetsana Kumalo loves her parenting. She skills Gives Praise To Connie

Basetsana Kumalo has sung Connie Ferguson’s gestures of recognition and hailed her nurturing aptitudes, with regards to bringing up her girl, Ali Ferguson.

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Alicia who is the Ferguson’s most youthful girl, as of late arrived at a significant achievement by going to her matric dance. Taking to Instagram to observe Ali’s day Connie imparted a picture of Ali to her date giving us a brief look at what they looked like.

Alicia has not worn a dress in 11 years. Ali wore a staggering dark tuxedo dress which commended her body and she looked great. Connie did her face beat and it was great. Connie had this to state about her girl:

“I’m feeling a mind-boggling feeling of pride! My last conceived is saying farewell to secondary school and I can just wonder about how she and her mates remained submitted in an atmosphere loaded up with vulnerability. An uncommon variety they are! Compelled to adjust to endure! Today they have the right to praise themselves, as they prepare for whatever lies ahead in their future! I am so glad for you my holy messenger Ali, you look totally delightful and transmit happiness! Favored unfathomable and really appreciative!”

Her old buddy Basetsana took to the remarks segment to show her and Ali some adoration. Basetsana spouted over Connie’s nurturing abilities and depicted Ali, as a 21st-century lady who is prepared to assume control over the world.

“Ohhhh how excellent she looks, all around done Mommy dearest @connie_ferguson for raising quite a fine youngster, a 21st Century lady who is prepared to take on the world. Child young lady @ali.ferguson_ anything is possible for you, go out there and snatch your dreams!!!😍😍😍.

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