Heaven or hell? Prophets Fight Over Ginimbi’s Current Location

Heaven or hell? Prophets Fight Over Ginimbi’s Current Location

Heaven or hell? Prophets Fight Over Ginimbi's Current Location 1

Prophet Passion Java who has been beefing with Mai TT and Pokello starting late, has included someone else his rundown of foes. While he is known to be “a godly man”, Passion Java fueds with pretty much everybody including different prophets.

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Enthusiasm Java has been trading affronts with Prophet Madungwe and everything radiated from the conversation of Ginimbi’s objective in eternity.

Madungwe said he was in damnation and Passion then again said he was in paradise and since the time those articulations they’ve been in conflict. In any case, another hamburger has been added in with the general mish-mash and it is ever heightening.

This time his displeasure is coordinated to Andy Baleni proprietor 1202 Herbal Solutions who has been slamming the previous via online media.

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On a few live recordings on Instagram, got down on Passion Java for being an unbeliever who has been boycotted in paradise. He even went the extent that hauling him for his looks considering him a goat. He is likewise being blamed for utilizing specialists and not paying them.

Anyway Java’s companions are thinking about the insolence literally, Uncle Epatan who Passion Java purchased a Mercedes Benz for delivered a diss track named Wakashinga.

Before Ginimbi’s unforeseen demise, Passion was continually attempting to pick up significance by assaulting him. The two contended as far as vehicles, property and even their birthday celebrations. This year Ginimbi held an all-white gathering at what was his Domboshava manor and Passion Java had an elegant illicit relationship at the Capetown waterfront.