Gee Six Five tops iTunes with hit song

Gee Six Five tops iTunes with hit song

Gee Six Five tops iTunes with hit song 1

The melody Obani Laba Bantu, sung by 65-year-old granny Gee Six Five has cleared the country and looks set to be our next December hit!

You can never foresee what will turn into a web sensation in South Africa. From the John Vul’ iGate challenge to numerous others before it, when the stars adjust for a video, even the most astounding ideas can end up turning out to be public talking subjects.

Take, for example the new hit single by Gee Six Five, which appeared to be simply a satire from the outset yet has now become a public sensation. Obani Laba Bantu is the melody that everyone is discussing at this moment and the single is in any event, rivaling those from other top specialists!

Gee Six Five tops iTunes with hit song 2

Gogo Goes Viral With Trendy Song

No one knew Olpha Selepe this time a week ago. However, all that changed when she took on the stage name Gee Six Five (referring to that she’s a Gogo, who is 65-years of age) and recorded her first-ever amapiano hit single: Obani Laba Bantu (which means “Who are these individuals?”) in isiZulu.

You can be excused for believing that this was all some sort of joke on the grounds that inside a couple of moments it turns out to be evident that the granny, albeit enchanting and charming, has no melodic ability at all. Notwithstanding her humorously terrible vocals, it’s the message of the melody which resounded with audience members. #ObaniLabaBantu #Dezemba