Heated arguement! AKA And Nelli Tembe Fight And End Up At The Police Station

Heated arguement! AKA And Nelli Tembe Fight And End Up At The Police Station

Heated arguement! AKA And Nelli Tembe Fight And End Up At The Police Station 1

Light lit supper dates, Gucci packs and great organization are consistently the thing to address as AKA is focused on ruining his better half Nelli Tembe. Well things purportedly got ugly on Friday.

City Press reports that the rapper and his bae got into a warmed contention over duping bits of gossip in his Bryanston home. The contention was wild to the point that they must be accompanied to the police headquarters.

The cops on the scene state they found the two grinding away with Nelli in the end asserting she was worn out on him and was moving out.

“At the point when the police got to the house, they were all the while battling and her sacks were pressed. She told the police that she was worn out on his conduct and was leaving [him]. She revealed to them that she planned to book herself into a lodging and remain there prior to going [back] home,”

It is said they wound up at Randburg Police Station where the continued to attempt and lay criminal allegations against one another. Nelli claims he man took care of her and he says she slapped him.

The keeps battling at the police headquarters however at last ruled against laying charges.

“The two of them took steps to lay charges against one another, yet eventually, they didn’t. They even called their particular legal advisors who became arbiters prior to leaving with their individual customers, After a meaningful conversation and the acknowledgment that they are not opening bodies of evidence against one another, the two were advised to go. Yet, feelings were all the while running high. Nelly, who had gone out with every one of her packs, got into her attorney’s vehicle and left,”

The rapper doesn’t look anything happened he did his gigs this end of the week and approached tweeting of course.

Heated arguement! AKA And Nelli Tembe Fight And End Up At The Police Station 2

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Giving those inquisitive fans access to their private lives, AKA and Nelli posted a Tik Tok video and uncovered who said those 3 supernatural words, ‘I love you.’

In the couples expansion, the pair uncovered that it was Mega who started the main kiss, doing what needs to be done with his new woman love. They likewise shared that they are at the ‘I love you’ phase of their relationship, notwithstanding being confounded about who had expressed the significant three-word sentence first.

Otherwise known as concurred with Nelli on practically all inquiries, sharing that notwithstanding being difficult, Nelli is additionally the most patient one and is likewise the better cook. Mega was glad to concede that he is consistently the first to state sorry when they are in a contention, and was pleased at the way that he is the most sentimental – what an honorable man!

Fans were additionally shocked to discover that AKA is takes the longest to prepare each day, and furthermore turns out to be a morning individual.

In another video, which is the first they made together, AKA and Nelli Tembe separate it in the kitchen. The video begins with the slippery figure cooking, and AKA strolls in separating it and the rest is a banquet of footwork from the couple.

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The rapper has been prodding about taking a shot at the task for some time now and he is prepared to drop it, yet is still during the time spent reporting a delivery date.

“The undertaking is finished. Blended. Dominated. Everything. All that I require now is our delivery date,” tweeted AKA.

The rapper as of late delivered a track rundown of the EP and it set people talking as it highlighted a track perhaps devoted to his chief adversary Casser Nyovest named Mufasa. The tune as of now has many saying it is their top choice and can’t hold on to hear it.

Otherwise known as is likewise set to deliver the EP with a product scope of similar name and his fans are frothing and advertised to get their hands on it.


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