Gumbis Net High Ratings

 Gumbis Net High Ratings

Gumbis Net High Ratings 1

Fortunate Gumbi is the new polygamist around and lives joyfully with his two spouses, Bayede and Nombuso Gumbi. Their unscripted TV drama debuted on SABC 1 November 7 at 18h00. The show is so famous to such an extent that it is getting a normal of 1.7 million watchers for each scene, making it the most elevated appraised unscripted TV drama as per the Citizen.

Anyway it is absolutely evident that Lucky Gumbi doesn’t coexist with the other big name polygamist Musa Mseleku as the two of them traded some warmed words.

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Mzansi has just invited a family that rehearses polygamy and made their unscripted TV drama one of Mzansi’s top choice. Uthando Nes’thembu follows the lives of Musa Mseleku and his four spouses MaKhumalo, MaYeni, MaNgwabe, MaCele, and their youngsters.

The new sheriff around offered a couple of remarks about the mainstream Mzansi Magic show and Musa Mseleku isn’t excessively satisfied by his words. Gumbi took to a mainstream distribution, Daily Sun , to guarantee that Uthando Nes’thembu doesn’t unmistakably show what is the issue here. He said individuals will get to re-realize what is the issue here.

“I’m mindful of the other unscripted TV drama on TV about polygamy. With The Gumbis, individuals will see the genuine significance of polygamy. In my polygamy there are no battles as I treat them similarly. The more seasoned spouse doesn’t control me or the subsequent wife,” he disclosed to Daily Sun.

These words unsettled Musa’s otherwise calm disposition and gave out a harsh notice to Gumbi to not intrude into his family’s undertakings. Mseleku says he made polygamy pattern and said Gumbi ought not contrast his family with his. Gumbi additionally gloated about his spouses not battling and Mseleku found that stressing as his wives quarrel now and again.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea about this Gumbi and I’m certain he doesn’t have any acquaintance with me, all things considered. He should quit intruding in my home issues. He has no option to contrast his polygamy and mine. All things considered, I’m the boss of polygamy and made the idea of isithembu a pattern.”

Gumbis Net High Ratings 2

He further said that had he not come out and made polygamy an acknowledged demonstration in the public eye, individuals like Gumbi would at present be covering up in disgrace. “Actions speak louder than words. He needs to sit and take notes from me.”

“I have no uncertainty, had I not come out, numerous individuals including him would even now be embarrassed about it. My spouses are vocal, have their own assessments and do challenge me here and there. This can be ascribed to the way that they’re effective and autonomous. I didn’t utilize any affection elixir or muthi to quiet them down and that is the reason they are free,” he broadcasted.

Musa at that point repeated that his show is more or less genuine and isn’t scripted.

“My spouses are genuine individuals with feelings and cerebrums. That is the reason they blow up some of the time. The show isn’t scripted and is introduced as crude as it could be.”


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