Video! Vee Mampeezy Gives Us A Glance Into His Glamorous Mansion

Video! Vee Mampeezy Gives Us A Glance Into His Glamorous Mansion

Video! Vee Mampeezy Gives Us A Glance Into His Glamorous Mansion 1
Multi-grant winning artist Vee Mampeezy has accomplished what most can just dream of in the course of their life. The Dumalana hitmaker has been in the music business for quite a long while at this point and he has figured out how to set himself as one of the nation’s generally celebrated and effective craftsmen.

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In a post on his Instagram account today, Vee gave us a look into his alluring chateau. The object was not to display his lavish way of life or to cause chest torments, yet it came from a decent spot, simply to motivate his fans that difficult work pays off.

The outside of the house is jazzy with a pool outside and it looks totally staggering. This is a house fit for a ruler folks! Vee even went to show us his vehicles which incorporate a Range Rover, G-Wagon, and his Porsche which were left outside.

He said individuals have been calling him VeeNimbi recently due to his costly way of life. He urged his fans to buckle down throughout everyday life so that individuals can say they are utilizing dim sorcery to achieve your riches.

His moniker “VeeNimbi” is enlivened by the name of the late Zimbabwean socialite and business person Ginimbi who kicked the bucket as of late after an auto accident. When Ginimbi passed on celebs, normal peeps and rich individuals were blamed for utilizing dull sorcery to collect abundance.

This trails SA self-announced previous “kill sovereign” Jackie Phamotse went live on Instagram and talked about this disputable subject.

Despite the fact that the honor winning creator didn’t name and disgrace, individuals rushed to make their own determinations and began charging different celebs.

Jackie said not all rich individuals are utilizing dull sorcery, but rather said they will cause you to accept that they got gigs, supports which pays them a ton of cash which is evidently false.


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“For instance, when we talk about conditions, in individuals’ homes, from the entryway, something is poured at the door. By entering the spot you have acquired some sort of umuthi (dark sorcery). At the point when you get into the house or the yard itself. There are things in that yard that have been planted that you don’t have any acquaintance with, you acquire that. On the off chance that someone has kicked the bucket, and something was done to him, you acquire that and this is path before you engage in sexual relations,” she clarified.

“In a ton of these enormous houses, there are a great deal of rooms individuals don’t go into. There are spaces that are not involved and you are not welcomed to. For instance, in the event that you go to an individual who has a snake in the house. It is possible that they keep it in a bolted room or a casket. These caskets are for the most part in the private alcove or a room that nobody doesn’t enter.”