Ntando Duma Engaged? Who is he?

Ntando Duma Engaged? Who is he?

Ntando Duma Engaged? Who is he? 1

South African media character, Ntando Duma, is one fortunate woman, as found in her latest Instagram post. The Queen entertainer gave fans an uncommon look into her adoration life, and deciding from the fabulous motion given to her from bae – who could accuse her?! The visuals showed a super sentimental set up in what gives off an impression of being a lodging, with the words “I LOVE YOU” written in flower petals on the bed.

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Ntando Duma Engaged? Who is he? 2

Ntando attributed the style to Nono Events, who coordinated the whole set up. Beside the flower petals on the bed, a huge heart was organized in flower petals on the floor, total with candles scattered all through the room. Driving up into the room, flower petals was dissipated on the steps, and by and by supplemented by an assortment of candles to add to the sentimental mood. Huge bundles of flours were held tight the balustrade and pink lighting was shone all through the loft to make a provocative state of mind.

Ntando Duma Engaged? Who is he? 3

The most charming of the apparent multitude of pictures was the last one, where Ntando was seen firmly grasping her puzzle man. The entertainer included an in-adoration emoticon his face to shroud his personality, yet deciding from his style and height… this one is a hunk! Fans have been conjecturing for quite a while that Ntando’s new man is Sicelo Buthelezi who plays Teddy on Gomora, anyway neither of them have affirmed or denied the gossipy tidbits.



Ntando Duma Engaged? Who is he? 4

People in general is hazy on what the aim of the amazing motion was, with votes split between a commemoration festivity or a proposition. Ntando’s present chief, Connie Ferguson fanned the fire, when she inquired as to whether she had said yes – demonstrating that it was truth be told a proposition. Connie remarked with, “Did you say yes??”, to which Ntando reacted with, “Mother I was hanging tight for your endorsement!”.

Ntando Duma Engaged? Who is he? 5

Ntando’s just open relationship was with previous sweetheart, Junior De Rocka. The pair are honored with a little girl, Sbahle Mzizi, who was conceived on the 28th of June in 2017. The couple separated in 2017 as the relationship was fairly poisonous and they chose to cut off their association. This was following quite a while of misuse hypotheses and misery in their relationship.