Following claims of abuse that came from award-winning rapper Emtee

Following claims of abuse that came from award-winning rapper Emtee

Following claims of abuse that came from award-winning rapper Emtee 1

Following cases of misuse that came from grant winning rapper, Emtee, on Tuesday, 17 November 2020, the Twitterverse has energized behind him, on the side of him uncovering his ex Nicole Chinsamy . The artist has purportedly been managing passionate and actual maltreatment for a long time and it would seem that at last has had enough.

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Fans have gone to his safeguard via online media and even got the hashtag, #PrayForEmtee, to flow on Twitter. Many have lauded him for standing in opposition to the viciousness he has been compelled to suffer and have asked that he keep on upholding against abusive behavior at home, in any event, when it comes from a lady onto a man. Euphoria Zelda expressed, “He decided not to lift his hand and misuse her a similar way she been doing to him… be that as it may, decide to leave he daring and am propelled by him…”. Karabo Mapaila confirmed with, “I don’t get why a few people are discovering this amusing. The person has been manhandled, actually and inwardly. I regard him for opening up… It takes parcel for somebody who’s being mishandled to open up. I remain with Emtee.”

While the rapper has gotten a staggering measure of help from people in general, some have decided to ruin his cases because of the commonness of Gender Based Violence in South Africa. Many have implied the way that Nicole might have potentially fought back to brutality against her, or might have been securing their youngsters, Avery and Logan.

Emtee has recognize the #PrayForEmtee tweets that have been flowed, and have expressed gratitude toward his fans for indicating him their help. He additionally featured the individuals who were sending him threating messages for getting down on a lady, telling his supporters who might mindful on the off chance that anything happens to him.

In a progression of tweets on Tuesday, 17 November 2020, let the cat out of the bag on his relationship with Nicole Chinsamy saying she is oppressive and needs to see him come up short. The Emtee Records author has nitty gritty all that he experiences due to his life partner’s controlling ways. Despite the fact that misuse claims are infrequently trifled with by web-based media, many are contemplated whether Emtee’s tirades are only an approach to advance his impending collection.

Emtee’s tirade uncovered his life partner’s oppressive ways uncovering that she truly mishandles him and frequently leaves him wounded. Nicole, as per Emtee, would approach her relatives professing to have been manhandled by the dad of her kids, yet it is the other path round.

The rapper asserts that he is as of now bolted out from their home and is living with a companion.