Nandi exposes Naak for allegedly dating another 

Nandi exposes Naak for allegedly dating another

Nandi exposes Naak for allegedly dating another  1

Nandi Mbatha has obviously made sure about her participation card for “city young ladies around the world” since, in such a case that the great sister has done what her web-based media posts recommends, than sister has moved from the “gone young ladies club,” and is applying for her platinum version card for the “city young ladies around the world” club.

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Nandi exposes Naak for allegedly dating another  2

As of late, the money manager, model and entertainer went on a meeting trail talking about how she has been taking a shot at her emotional well-being. The excellence recommended having been involved with artist and entertainer, Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo, had the sister expecting to talk with the under divine beings since man sent her over the edge. Essentially sister appears to help Prince Kaybee’s proposal that NaakMusiQ could change his name to k*k on the grounds that he demonstrated child young lady flares.


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At long last talking on the relationship Nandi is accounted for as saying that she initially met five six years and the science between them was prompt. However, similar to each young lady that read the “city young lady” update, Nandi let the emotions wait for a year before the two chose to seek after their sentimental inclination towards. After that things proceeded onward quick.

Nandi exposes Naak for allegedly dating another  3

Nandi is accounted for saying that seven days in the wake of being legitimate, she had just moved in into NaakMusiQ’s home. And afterward it took a little more than a quarter of a year for the sister to understand that the main individual that was in a serious relationship. Nandi recommends that it was betrayal that made them need to run for the entryway. In clarifying her doubts she portrays how she was ultimately disallowed admittance to his phone, and NaakMusiQ would vanish in the night and disregard the sister in the bed.

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Nandi expressed that she just now began recuperating from the relationship. First thing she did was get more tattoos. It appears as though there is nothing similar to a little agony to advise you that you are solid. And afterward sister as of late has discovered another “closest companion” in being within the sight of Tank the Rockstar. The two appear to be going solid and set on “mizing” the theories of their relationship.


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Tank, who is hopeful demigod with tepid singles up until this point, has a current single named “Closest companion.” Their relationship may be a vehicle for Tank the ROckstar to advance his single, and Nandi to pay the lease as the sister was accounted for to have been destitute. Be that as it may, one thing is obviously from the two’s visuals; they realize how to have a great time together.