Rob Van Vuuren apologises for doing blackface.NO racism

Rob Van Vuuren apologises for doing blackface.NO racism

Rob Van Vuuren apologises for doing blackface.NO racism 1

Sovereign Sono on-screen character Rob Van Vuuren has given an open statement of regret for doing blackface in a 2013 Leon Schuster film, communicating significant lament over his past choice.

This after the gradually expanding influence from the #BlackLivesMatter development saw gushing administrations like Showmax briefly evacuate Schuster films as they survey their racial lack of care, as revealed by Netwerk 24.

The entertainer said he was “profoundly embarrassed”, and that despite the fact that he wishes he could state he didn’t know better, he really comprehended what blackface was and what it implied.

“There is no simple method to state this. In 2013 I did blackface in a Leon Schuster film. I am profoundly embarrassed about this reality and exceptionally upset for the hurt it has caused. I wish I could state I didn’t have the foggiest idea about any better at that point, yet in all actuality I did.”

Ransack said at that point, he rationalized himself and defended his activities to himself utilizing “realities” to persuade himself he did blackface from “a position of adoration and regard.”

“I came up with a wide range of reasons for myself at an opportunity to legitimize doing it. I highlighted the assorted variety of the socioeconomics of Leon’s crowd. I contended that his work was most impressive when it uncovered white false reverence in the ‘rainbow country’ and uncovered the feelings of dread and tensions of a white minority reluctant to surrender its benefit. I persuaded myself that any of the characters I depicted would be from a position of affection and regard.”


The entertainer, who is the dad of an offspring of shading, said he neglected to look at his own benefit and partiality. He said he understands that he picked cash over ethics, and now by and large laments selling out himself, however his little girl also.

“At long last, the cash blurs rapidly, however the decisions I make remain with me. I sold out myself as well as my little girl. Living with the disgrace of that is a little cost to pay for unlearning my preferences and the development that accompanies tolerating the outcomes of my conduct.

“I have an obligation to myself and my little girl to be better. I am sorry energetically for the harmed my activities have caused and for adding to negative generalizations from a place of intensity and benefit. I can’t change what I have done however I can be aware of how I can add to the discussion going ahead from a place of sympathy and quietude.”

SOURCE :Twitter / timeslive