Message from his manager : Exque speaks on Jah Prayzah’s move to dissolve MTM

Message from his manager : Exque speaks on Jah Prayzah’s move to dissolve MTM

Message from his manager : Exque speaks on Jah Prayzah’s move to dissolve MTM 1

Exque talks on Jah Prayzah’s transition to break down MTM. As we as a whole know yesterday we woke up to the news that Nutty O had left Military Touch Movement, a message that is accepted to have been composed by his administrator which he the performer Nutty O later can’t and separated himself away from. This made Jah Prayzah composed this message underneath

At the point when I began MTM, my fantasy was to have a development that is driven exclusively by the aspiration of the specialists and makers engaged with it. It has been a long time since we started the excursion and I can say it has been productive. We have shared such a large number of delights as a group and delights I will proceed to esteem and celebrate. Like some other association, we likewise shared our lows and again we experienced these together.

Message from his manager : Exque speaks on Jah Prayzah’s move to dissolve MTM 2

Today we commend whizzes who have been housed in MTM and that was a piece of the crucial, every one of us to become together and praise our accomplishments together. I feel each and every individual who was engaged with MTM is currently in a position where they can now additionally partake in preparing and raising more ability out there. I value the trust that was given to me by these craftsmen who are currently marks and furthermore for the benefit of working with legends like ExQ who have been in the game for such a large number of years even before the beginning of my melodic vocation. It’s anything but a simple procedure to have the option to believe putting your image under another person’s umbrella.

I would need to let the entire of Zimbabwe and other worldwide music darlings who have been following our excursion that it is currently time I let these hotshots go out there to agree the world in music and I have such a great amount of trust in their capacity to do as such. I have done my part in placing in the little assets I had around then however feel the craftsmen have grown out of the mark and however it is agonizing, I feel it is the correct opportunity to discharge them and furthermore end all agreements that were set up. What is significant is the development of ability instead of any arrival on cash put in, again I rehash this was a development set up to empower development and not for benefit.

Under a similar light I might want to completely put it on record that as of not long ago and going ahead, I don’t have any measure of cash that I gathered from any of the specialists who were engaged with MTM. I would, be that as it may, love to thank the makers, Tamuka and Rodney for the job they have played in helping me develop musically. They have assumed a noteworthy job and my music would not be the place it is today notwithstanding them. I can never say thanks to them enough or in any capacity that would truly show the amount I value their endeavors.

Message from his manager : Exque speaks on Jah Prayzah’s move to dissolve MTM 3

I might want to commend Tamuka on the beginning of Mushroom Media, a fantasy he has consistently had and he additionally set aside effort to brief me about the undertaking. I am pleased that under MTM he has accomplished what he generally envisioned and set out to accomplish. I did by and by give him my approval and might want to make it known out there too that I completely support the beginning and development of his undertakings and can’t hold back to discharge my first melody recorded at Mushroom media.

In the wake of hearing this Exq an individual from MTM had this message…

It’s miserable ☹ sibling coz I realize how much u truly needed this development to turn out to be however haaa u attempted wena vavengi mahwinha for the time being s/o to @jahprayzah @muridzo @rodneybeatz @abx_nuttyo @tahle_we_dzinza @djtamuka_dimagixion @_chiweddar !


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