20 basotho men armed to rape Alex Girls

20 basotho men armed to rape Alex Girls

20 basotho men armed to rape Alex Girls 1

20 Basotho Men Armed To Rape Alex Girls- THIS HAPPENED

An armed gang group of 20 men wearing Basotho blankets & balaclavas raped girls from Alex who were shooting a music video in Krugersdorp.

The men shot in the air, ordered everyone to lay down, took the girls to the bush, took turns in raping them.

Some girls were raped by 8 men.

Violent and petty crime is common by Basotho. Gun-related crimes and break-ins have targeted Girls. Security risks increase at night and on weekends In Alex. Avoid walking alone or at night, Mostly in dark areas. If you’re a victim of violent crime, including rape, seek immediate medical help.

Political protests may occur in Johannesburg. Avoid demonstrations and large public gatherings as they can become violent, in Alex as more crimes are reported lately.

Terrorists methods and tactics

Terrorists use a number of violent and destructive means to achieve their goals. They often target international tourists. Terrorists may:

20 basotho men armed to rape Alex Girls 2

hijack aircraft

engage in piracy, of commercial or private vessels

kidnap civilians or public figures

use an explosive device on people, landmarks, buildings and public places

Terrorist groups and their sympathisers often use less sophisticated methods to carry out their attack. This includes using vehicles as weapons, as well as knives and swords.


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